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  • Item#: MOU-MT7799EV


    Mountain Plumbing

    MT7799EV Disposal Flange with Strainer-Extended Flange

    MSRP: $84.00


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    Disposal Flange, with basket style stopper strainer, Extended Flange, Can be used on thinner sinks with the use of the 3 bolts provided, Brass construction, For continuous feed disposers only, For disposers with 3-3/8" ID and 3 bolt mounting, Fits Insinkerator (ISE) both old and new, Kenmore, Maytag, Ace, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Whirlpool and Perfect Grind® 3-Bolt Mount, Polished Chrome pictured

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    MT7799EV/BRS (Brushed Stainless) MT7799EV/BRS (Brushed Stainless)
    MT7799EV/CPB (Polished Chrome) + $3.25MT7799EV/CPB (Polished Chrome) +
    MT7799EV/BRN (Brushed Nickel) + $21.45MT7799EV/BRN (Brushed Nickel) +
    MT7799EV/PN (Polished Nickel) + $21.45MT7799EV/PN (Polished Nickel) +
    MT7799EV/ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) + $29.25MT7799EV/ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) +
    MT7799EV/VB (Venetian Bronze) + $29.25MT7799EV/VB (Venetian Bronze) +
    MT7799EV/EB (English Bronze) + $46.15MT7799EV/EB (English Bronze) +
    MT7799EV/MB (Matte Black) + $46.15MT7799EV/MB (Matte Black) +
    MT7799EV/PVD (Polished Brass) + $46.15MT7799EV/PVD (Polished Brass) +
    MT7799EV/PVDBB (PVD Brushed Bronze) + $46.15MT7799EV/PVDBB (PVD Brushed Bronze) +
    MT7799EV/SB (Satin Brass) + $46.15MT7799EV/SB (Satin Brass) +
    MT7799EV/SC (Satin Chrome) + $46.15MT7799EV/SC (Satin Chrome) +
    MT7799EV/TB (Tuscan Brass) + $46.15MT7799EV/TB (Tuscan Brass) +
    MT7799EV/AB (Antique Brass) + $65MT7799EV/AB (Antique Brass) +
    MT7799EV/ACP (Antique Copper) + $65MT7799EV/ACP (Antique Copper) +
    MT7799EV/CHBRZ (Champagne Bronze) + $65MT7799EV/CHBRZ (Champagne Bronze) +
    MT7799EV/FG (French Gold) + $65MT7799EV/FG (French Gold) +
    MT7799EV/GPB (Polished Gold) + $65MT7799EV/GPB (Polished Gold) +
    MT7799EV/PCP (Polished Copper) + $65MT7799EV/PCP (Polished Copper) +
    MT7799EV/PEW (Pewter) + $65MT7799EV/PEW (Pewter) +
    MT7799EV/SG (Satin Gold) + $65MT7799EV/SG (Satin Gold) +
    MT7799EV/WCP (Weathered Copper) + $65MT7799EV/WCP (Weathered Copper) +