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Traditional Bathroom Sinks and Accessories

Offering a wide array of styles and functions, these bathroom sinks and accessories will enhance and complement any traditional style bathroom.

  • 272-CTXL P-Trap Cover Tube-15

    Item#: JAC-272-CTXL



    272-CTXL P-Trap Cover Tube-15"

    MSRP: $110.00


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    P-Trap Cover Tube, 15" inlet, All fully polished and plated, Fits New England style Massachusetts code compliant P-Trap, Polished Chrome pictured

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    272-CTXL-PCH (Polished Chrome) + 272-CTXL-PCH (Polished Chrome) +
    272-CTXL-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) + $30272-CTXL-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) +
    272-CTXL-PN (Polished Nickel) + $15272-CTXL-PN (Polished Nickel) +
    272-CTXL-SC (Satin Chrome) + $45272-CTXL-SC (Satin Chrome) +
    272-CTXL-SN (Satin Nickel) + $15272-CTXL-SN (Satin Nickel) +
    272-CTXL-AB (Antique Brass) + $63.75272-CTXL-AB (Antique Brass) +
    272-CTXL-BKN (Black Nickel) + $63.75272-CTXL-BKN (Black Nickel) +
    272-CTXL-BU (Bronze Umber) + $45272-CTXL-BU (Bronze Umber) +
    272-CTXL-MBK (Matte Black) + $45272-CTXL-MBK (Matte Black) +
    272-CTXL-PB (Polished Brass) + $45272-CTXL-PB (Polished Brass) +
    272-CTXL-SB (Satin Brass) + $63.75272-CTXL-SB (Satin Brass) +
    272-CTXL-ACU (Antique Copper) + $63.75272-CTXL-ACU (Antique Copper) +
    272-CTXL-PCU (Polished Copper) + $63.75272-CTXL-PCU (Polished Copper) +
    272-CTXL-PEW (Pewter) + $63.75272-CTXL-PEW (Pewter) +
    272-CTXL-PG (Polished Gold) + $63.75272-CTXL-PG (Polished Gold) +
    272-CTXL-SG (Satin Gold) + $63.75272-CTXL-SG (Satin Gold) +