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Contemporary Bar Faucets

  • Item#: CAL-9623-K51-XX


    California Faucets

    9623-K51-XX Point of Use Faucet-Hot and Cold

    MSRP: $579.00


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    Point of Use Faucet, Combination Hot and Cold, Stick Lever Handle shown, Self closing handle for hot water, 10-13/16" Height, 4-3/4" Spout reach, Solid Brass construction, Insulated body and spout to reduce heat transfer to faucet, Maximum flow rate 1.0 gpm (may vary based on hot water tank used), Satin Nickel pictured, Corsano, Many other finishes available; please contact showroom for assistance

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    Choose Finish
    9623-K51-XX-PC (Polished Chrome) 9623-K51-XX-PC (Polished Chrome)
    9623-K51-XX-ABF (Antique Brass Flat) + $879623-K51-XX-ABF (Antique Brass Flat) +
    9623-K51-XX-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) + $152.259623-K51-XX-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) +
    9623-K51-XX-SC (Satin Chrome PVD) + $260.259623-K51-XX-SC (Satin Chrome PVD) +
    9623-K51-XX-BTB (Bella Terra Bronze) + $879623-K51-XX-BTB (Bella Terra Bronze) +
    9623-K51-XX-RBZ (Rustico Bronze) + $152.259623-K51-XX-RBZ (Rustico Bronze) +
    9623-K51-XX-MBLK (Matte Black) + $879623-K51-XX-MBLK (Matte Black) +
    9623-K51-XX-PVD (Polished Brass PVD) + $152.259623-K51-XX-PVD (Polished Brass PVD) +
    9623-K51-XX-PN (Polished Nickel PVD) + $152.259623-K51-XX-PN (Polished Nickel PVD) +
    9623-K51-XX-SN (Satin Nickel) + $879623-K51-XX-SN (Satin Nickel) +
    9623-K51-XX-SB (Satin Brass PVD) + $260.259623-K51-XX-SB (Satin Brass PVD) +
    9623-K51-XX-USS (Ultra Stainless Steel PVD) + $152.259623-K51-XX-USS (Ultra Stainless Steel PVD) +
    9623-K51-XX-ANF (Antique Nickel Flat) + $879623-K51-XX-ANF (Antique Nickel Flat) +
    Choose Handle
    Stick (ST) Stick (ST)
    Finished Blade (FB) Finished Blade (FB)
    Black Stick (BST) Black Stick (BST)
    Black Blade (BFB) Black Blade (BFB)

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