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Contemporary Bar Faucets

  • Item#: CAL-9623-K50-XX


    California Faucets

    9623-K50-XX Point of Use Faucet-Hot and Cold

    MSRP: $579.00


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    Point of Use Faucet, Hot and Cold, Stick Lever Handle shown, Self closing handle for hot water, 10-1/4" Height, 4-3/4" Spout reach, Solid Brass construction, Insulated body and spout to reduce heat transfer to faucet, Satin Nickel pictured, Poetto, Many other finishes available; please contact showroom for assistance

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    9623-K50-XX-PC (Polished Chrome) 9623-K50-XX-PC (Polished Chrome)
    9623-K50-XX-ABF (Antique Brass Flat) + $879623-K50-XX-ABF (Antique Brass Flat) +
    9623-K50-XX-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) + $152.259623-K50-XX-ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) +
    9623-K50-XX-SC (Satin Chrome PVD) + $260.259623-K50-XX-SC (Satin Chrome PVD) +
    9625-K50-XX-BTB (Bella Terra Bronze) + $879625-K50-XX-BTB (Bella Terra Bronze) +
    9623-K50-XX-RBZ (Rustico Bronze) + $152.259623-K50-XX-RBZ (Rustico Bronze) +
    9623-K50-XX-MBLK (Matte Black) + $879623-K50-XX-MBLK (Matte Black) +
    9623-K50-XX-PVD (Polished Brass PVD) + $152.259623-K50-XX-PVD (Polished Brass PVD) +
    9623-K50-XX-PN (Polished Nickel PVD) + $152.259623-K50-XX-PN (Polished Nickel PVD) +
    9623-K50-XX-SN (Satin Nickel) + $879623-K50-XX-SN (Satin Nickel) +
    9623-K50-XX-SB (Satin Brass PVD) + $260.259623-K50-XX-SB (Satin Brass PVD) +
    9623-K50-XX-USS (Ultra Stainless Steel PVD) + $152.259623-K50-XX-USS (Ultra Stainless Steel PVD) +
    9623-K50-XX-ANF (Antique Nickel Flat) + $879623-K50-XX-ANF (Antique Nickel Flat) +
    Choose Handle
    Stick (ST) Stick (ST)
    Black Stick (BST) Black Stick (BST)

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